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vetiver grass

Lot of 50 Vetiver Grass plugs

 Hawaiian Islands residents only. Free shipping. ($2.75 each)

50 vetiver grass plugs($2.75 each)
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*Please contact us for complex applications. Client is responsible for plant health.

Plant Spacing & Care

Space the plugs 6 inches apart, and the rows 3 feet apart. You can tighten this spacing for water diversions or steep dangerous situations. Prep ground either by cutting low to the ground or by removing weeds. Fertilize each hole and then mulch. Water daily for first two weeks, and every other day for the next month if no rain. Keep weed-free for the first year, and then just trim and weed annually to keep the vetiver lush.

After receiving open and put in shade. Mist daily or put in a bucket of water (filled to cover just the bottom part of stem) until ready to plant. Try to plant within a few days.

Enjoy your new tool for;

bioremediation-erosion control-water diversions-carbon sequestering-livestock feed-mulch-pasture improvement